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She wanted to eat the Moon

   She wanted to eat the Moon That is impossible  I said  the Moon is too big Do not be hilarious  she laughed and held a coin up to the Moon It is even smaller than this coin I will eat it like an almond Moments later, I heard that she rode a Lemurian crystal orb and flew to the Moon Next evening, I saw the crescent Moon and realized that she was probably living her dream of eating — eating the Moon Worried that no Moon might be left for humanity I rented a helicopter and flew high up into space I found her, sitting on the Moon as if thinking of the right way to bite it How are you?  I asked Come and sit beside me  she smiled I do not think I still want to eat the Moon  she said That is strange, why not?  I asked From here, everything looks more beautiful  she answered The Earth looks like a dream as it should be And if I eat the Moon, we would not have this place to sit together She reached for a star and plucked it I can have this instead Would you like some?  she asked No, thank yo

Your silhouette falls in my mouth

  Your silhouette falls in my mouth Repeatedly I could not speak, in pleasure You compel me to rise and fall To be lost and found In your quivering hands You confuse the bones out of me I look for myself in the rush And fainting ebb Of your sighs That I find myself in your soul As tonight, I love you with kisses Smoothly etched Between the sheets Of your being.

She dances with the devil

Every night, her soul leaves her body and dances with the devil They hang on a string of moonlight and sway to a silent rhythm He loves her sometimes she loves him too Nonetheless, they always dance the night away and hold each other as if they were dissolving Someday, surely she will dissolve into ashes and stardust and he will have to dance alone His hands will miss her hands and his feet will search for her feet But tonight is unlike any other night: They do not just float, kiss, and bend for  they shall dance to the edge of the world Never to return.

I will open you, petal by petal

  I will open you, petal by petal Slowly, amidst exchanging breaths Feel my fingers send ripples down your skin Tracing constellations made of desires, erupting Urges Watch me surrender my soul To every inch of your splendor While I examine the pages of your body Soft, glowing, and infinite Every pore, every curve Nothing will be left untouched Feel how my lips write my devotions on your naked self The blunt confessions of a soul, in lust with divinity And make your body tremble With your already trembling lips For I will eat you down, until your words falter Until your sighs learn to pray And beneath the curious moon and the shy burning stars I will look straight into your eyes Bask in every expression you make As I stretch you open, with my hard wicked body Digging into you — slowly, passionately And without mercy While love, that strange mysterious love, melts Into our sweat Then I will hold you, pull you, closer, closest Oh, my most sacred — now gasping, relished Yet we still need