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Poets and fools

Poets and fools like me
will continue to write about your beauty
and always fall short...

Because beauty requires a perfect balance
of light, mixed in
with intricate shades
of darkness
It is a sensitive art
that pours from your eyes
like a river

Perhaps, beauty is not meant for everyone
for it is as elusive as love

Yet everything your hands touch
and all that you gaze upon:
the mountain and its rocks,
the night and its stars,
even caves full of shadows –
You awaken their hearts

For hearts do not fall
for you
They rise... they laugh
they sing, they dance,
and go to war
to dream, and love...

I know a woman who carefully hands her heart out
for riches
And another who throws it away
for free
This is not beautiful. This is a mistake.

But, throw me a quick glance,
or something, anything –
a smile, a kiss, a punch, a stone,
or a flower –
and I will sing you
ten thousand love poems to the Moon
to cradle you while you sleep
in the heart
of a star.