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Charlz is a writer who lives in a cave you have probably never heard of. He is always busy saving humans through poetry. He trains dragons during the day while riding a unicorn and chases goblins in the night. When the moon is full, he sometimes turns into a monkey.

But, every midnight, while all the world is sound asleep, he walks to the nearby desert and sits on top of a hill. Holding a pen and paper, he looks at the stars, thinks about you, and recreates beauty with a verse. 

Of course, you do not have to believe what you have just read. You can simply send Charlz a kind letter and rest assured that his fairy friends will deliver it to him. 


* * * *

Charlz is a writer. He was the executive vice president of San Beda’s Red Quill Writers Guild. His works have also been published in national magazines. He has also produced 10 poetry chapbooks that you can read for free.

Atty. Charlz was admitted to the Bar in 2017 at the age of 28. After loathing the law for several years, he soon realized that the law can also be good, and that at the very heart of the legal profession lies true service and the administration of justice. As a lawyer, Atty. Charlz tends to do away with unnecessary formalities and cuts straight to what is most important and what the legal profession is really all about: helping people. He desires to revolutionize the way of giving legal service, making it available to all and for all. This way, every man, woman, and child can exercise their right to be heard and attain justicejustice for all.

Charlz also has a soft heart for those who are going through depression, as well as for those who are passionately devoted to pursuing their dream. If you are a dreamer and/or going through your own Garden of Gethsemane in this life, feel free to contact Charlz and be a friend. 

Charlz loves bullet chess. If your destiny ever leads you to playing chess against Charlz, just be sure to let him win; otherwise, he might not talk to you anymore (a friendly warning). Charlz also holds the title of FIDE Arena Candidate Master.

Charlz lives with his beautiful wife, their sweet daughter who performs in the theater, and their very special bunny. They love Jesus Christ and support the daily praying of the Rosary. 

If you have made it this far,

then you are truly amazing!

Thank you very much for reading.

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