There is nothing sacred

There is nothing sacred,
nothing profane.
We are in the jungle.

Catch an Angel

Catch an Angel

I have always been fascinated with angels. When I was a child, I had a master plan to catch an angel, but I was too young to actually do it. This morning, I finally had the courage to catch my first angel. 

I attached a balloon to a very long thread, which I tied to a metal bar on the balcony. I then let the balloon fly, and I watched as it slowly disappeared into the sky. 

At night, I spent hours pulling back the thread. To my surprise, there was no angel, and no balloon. 

Fall in love with art

Fall in love
with art,
and allow your soul
to experience
what mortals
can only

Knowing that you exist

Knowing that you exist
is enough for my heart,
for your breath gives meaning
to the aching emptiness 
of life.

I live in a place

I live in a place
where the moonlight
touches your eyes —
a soft and tender place —
with my hand reaching out
to forever
for yours.