The night is cold and bleak

The night is cold and bleak is composed of verses that explore the mysteries of love,
shattered humanity, life, and  a fling  with Death.
I hunger
I hunger for things that have a soul If you have one, I will eat you... 
I know a woman who, in order to breathe, writes a line or two of poetry
I also know a man who dances, naked in moonlight with the ghost of his beloved
I ate them.
I hunger for things that have a soul and I am starving
Because when I show the world a beautiful red rose
they only see
the thorns.
I killed myself
I killed myself a thousand times
in fiction
so that I could face this life without losing my Soul.

Her soul spills

Her soul
out of her body
and she does not know it

she does not know
how her eyes
light up
like looming mountains
the brightest stars

and that poets
only write
what the wind
to her hair.

Days were

Days were made of flowers stars made of dreams
until the world happened
and what was once full of life
is now cold and silent as the grave.

In Search of Beauty [Part I]

He hated the world So much That he hated himself He despised the world So much That he became the world…
He was not born to be a writer His soul was simply broken into pieces, like the alphabets
And so he writes hoping that he might know who he was or who he is that as he puts back the pieces of his soul he might form a word or a name to call himself
It is true that one may find wisdom when one is lost but it is also true  that one  can be lost forever
He writes  under the light  of the full moon, re-creating beauty with a quill, parchment, and tears while she is asleep, dreaming the wildest dreams perhaps of some far-away kingdom catching butterflies and the whole world sleeps with her
Indeed, he was not born to be a writer He was only broken into one.

She desires

She desires a love that is pure and deep
only to find herself lying  in bed alone, feeling her nakedness with her hands
Because  she wants love – love that is real – love that moves mountains and overthrows life
but the world has so many thorns, too painful for  a rose.

I write about how broken

I write
how broken
you are
my heart
no longer

Swim, bird, swim

Swim, bird, swim they said so the bird dived into the sea Swim, bird, swim they repeated  and it drowned in misery  What's wrong with you, dear bird?  Why can't you do anything right? I want to fly said the bird Then fly in the water they said Is that possible? thought the bird  Swim, bird, swim they insisted
So the bird flapped its wings underwater
swimming deeper and deeper into the sea
Very good they said
How are you now? they asked But the bird was cold and quiet
Are you still there? they asked
and no one answered Swim, bird, swim they whispered Swim, bird, swim.

To think

To think  of your  beauty
is a  dream
 To  hold  you
is  insanity
To  kiss  you
is  poetry.

She is full of earth

She is full of earth    and bright
  and solid

nothing escapes   her light

in her eyes   are dreams,  full  and torrid
wild enough   to touch 
   and   conquer
 the stars

the wind  asks, where is the  fire?

answer: fire  melts  on her  body
like the waves that  find  the sea
 in her hand

and yet  love  is a  mysterious
  sacred   journey
 a  pure  divine art

because  if  you  only look  closely
you shall   find    her
  in  my   heart.

She looks at pain

She looks at pain and betrayals
as if looking at some old friends
she knows their insides and outsides
her expectations and their actions

so, every time, she would shake
their hands
lift herself up on tiptoes
and dance with them

they push her to the ground
but she twirls
bending gracefully
they eat her soul but she dances
with a lingering smile
sometimes she laughs
only to hide the sound of tears
leaving her eyes

she knows their insides and outsides
and she laughs at them
and herself

because after all the music
and the laughter
she looks at the moon and realizes:

the world did not
make her strong

it made her numb.

You made love

You made love
to my soul
with a quick glance
of your star-bright eyes
We shared a lifetime
in one
fleeting moment
One moment
and everything
I knew 
to exist.