I am become Death

I am become Death
for the soul

I left it
in the
for having
too deep


And now
this pale
and muddy
holding a

for it is
that man
should fear

and all
that move

"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."  
—Lord Krishna, Bhagavad Gita

To embrace fading beauty

To embrace
fading beauty
and love eternally
what does not last
This is
the pathos
of things

a soothing
gentle sadness
to know
Now is all
you have
the grim

This is
open their
and laugh
at the
and why
little birds

So before
the music
to the
and kiss

Let your
be fierce and
enough to
the Soul
on fire

for the gods
a blissful

The Little Boy and His Grandpa

"Why do you always watch the news
grandpa?" asked the little boy

'To know what is happening
around us, of course' answered the
old man

"But, they don't care what's happening
to you, grandpa"

'Well, you're right,
but it also feels good since I have
lots of problems'

The boy looked at him questioningly

'See, these people' explained the old man
'they also have problems,
even bigger problems
so I feel that I'm not alone
that I'm even lucky
and I feel comforted'

"O, that is so sad" remarked the little boy

'Sad? But why?' asked the old man

"Because everyone simply watches
everyone else's suffering
and even enjoys it
instead of helping out
No wonder this world
is full of problems, grandpa
just like you"

'Just like me?' grandpa asked

"Yes," the boy answered
"because now I'm watching you
and I see that you are sad
just like them."

The moon waves her long arms

The moon waves her long arms
in surrender
as we talk about meaningless things
with pure joy and wonder

Your hands hold mine
as if to stop time in its tracks
while your eyes speak
a symphony of dreams
with your head on my lap

As the night listens
to still our voices,
you smile, and I smile
and all the stars
burn wild
in the sky...

Because, somewhere,
there is a little boy
proposing to a little girl
tying a grassleaf
round her finger
and they kiss
as we kiss
they laugh
as we laugh
and they hold each other
as we hold


"The Rosary is my favorite prayer." —Saint Pope John Paul II

"How beautiful is the family that recites the Rosary every evening" —Saint Pope John Paul II 
“The family that prays together, stays together.” —Father Patrick Peyton 

“The greatest method of praying is to pray the Rosary.” –Saint Francis de Sales 
"Among all the devotions approved by the Church none has been so favored by so many miracles as the devotion of the Most Holy Rosary" —Pope Pius IX 
“The Rosary is the Bible on a String” —Father Ronan Murphy 
“You shall obtain all you ask of me by the recitation of the Rosary.” —Our Lady to Blessed Alan de la Roche 
“Continue to pray the Rosary every day.” —Our Lady of Fatima to Sister Lucia 
"The Rosary is the compendium of the entire Gospel" —Pope Paul VI quoting Pope Pius XII 
“The Rosary is the weapon for these times.” —Saint Padre Pio
What the Rosary is
“The Rosary is made up of two things: mental prayer and vocal prayer. In the Holy Rosary mental…

Poets and fools

Poets and fools like me
will continue to write about your beauty
and always fall short...

Because beauty requires a perfect balance
of light, mixed in
with intricate shades
of darkness
It is a sensitive art
that pours from your eyes
like a river

Perhaps, beauty is not meant for everyone
for it is as elusive as love

Yet everything your hands touch
and all that you gaze upon:
the mountain and its rocks,
the night and its stars,
even caves full of shadows –
You awaken their hearts

For hearts do not fall
for you
They rise... they laugh
they sing, they dance,
and go to war
to dream, and love...

I know a woman who carefully hands her heart out
for riches
And another who throws it away
for free
This is not beautiful. This is a mistake.

But, throw me a quick glance,
or something, anything –
a smile, a kiss, a punch, a stone,
or a flower –
and I will sing you
ten thousand love poems to the Moon
to cradle you while you sleep
in the heart
of a star.

Love in the Key of C [Let us dance into the night]

When music stutters between my lips,
I try to play love in the key of C
where you hold me in a frenzy
of fire and poetry...

Let us dance into the night
Soft steps by candlelight
Scattered petals of roses
and your body
glows, shining bright

Let us dance into the night
I dare not ask for more
but to dance and watch our silhouette
drop on the floor, more naked
than flesh

Let us dance into the night
With your head on my shoulder,
I smile secretly
because you do not know
how much weight
you have
in my heart

Let us dance into the night
Would you hold me close and tight?
And when the last stars fade out,
I will love you more in the morning
with a love so pure and growing.


is a beautiful woman
with long, blonde hair
and green, timeless eyes
One day, she will sit
beside you, smile coyly,
and kiss you on the cheek
She loves you
and will save you
from Life

Therefore, live...
Live with meaning and dignity
Do not follow the mainstream crap
Instead, yearn for things that have a soul
And be mad enough to follow your heart

For you were not made
to be tame
You belong
to the wild
among the brightest
and the biggest

You bloom, you shine
in a crowd
of angels...

So that when Death
finally comes,
you can greet her
like a long-lost friend,
smile back at her,
and laugh
as you tell
of how you lived and died
a thousand times
so you could kiss her
on the lips

Because Death
was once in love
with Life
you came.

With her arms crossed

With her arms crossed behind her back
trapped in a pillowcase,
she was a candle in the night

“Write a poem on me” she said
and I obeyed, very carefully
First, with my lips, then
with my tongue, I wrote
slowly on her canvas
while she held me with her eyes –
eyes that spread out like branches
touching the biggest stars

More luminous than the evening,
I tore the night to pieces
and dipped into her soul
“Be gentle” she whispered with a sigh,
like a soft flower to the moon
while I continued to contemplate the fire,
burning her secrets with my desire

With my lips replete with her kisses
and her breaths breaking on my skin to the sound of grace,
she bit my shoulder, and pulled me up from the depths of the earth
to the sun blazing in her body

I pressed her cheek against the pillow
and watched her melting, with every thrust
The sheets, wet and swollen,
wild with dreams

She whimpered, crying
tears of the moon –
yet she was glowing

We died that night
We died that night

when I sank
into her …