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Fleshed out

Fleshed out in flames, my hands find your body in every direction I tiptoe to the stars and meet your timeless eyes Your back arches like a naked mountain catching the rain You are water with a body of fire, fingers of wind your earthen mouth full of summer Trapped under the tresses of your hair I look at you as one looks at the moon Whole star, whole dream And the heart of the sky beats with echoes of your name.

I watched her

I watched her from across the room I watched her glow and steady I watched how her body crosses the aisles of my dreams into a delirium of the senses an illusion of breaking voices and starving breaths I held her with my eyes in heat, scorching while the wildfires of my body crackled in lust, begging for one kiss deadlier than the last but she peeled my body the way she peels the stars and like a daisy waving goodbye to the last afternoon she breathed the sun into the moon.

I visited my friend who is a scientist

I visited my friend who is a scientist He was very busy in the laboratory: 'What are you doing?' I asked "I am picking up the remaining pieces from my last experiment" he answered I watched, curious and steady 'They are like shards of glass, but soft and bleeding' I said "Yes, it is my heart" he replied 'And what did you discover?' "That nothing in the world is heavier than a broken heart..." I did not know what to say so I just watched him gather the pieces of his heart in his hands "But," he explained, "you should not allow the mistakes of others to take away your crown and kindness otherwise, you will become just like them So continue to write your own fairytale because it is as real as the sun, moon and stars "It is just that, sometimes, your heart needs to be broken to let love in."

a lovesong

Sometimes mountains reach the skies Even leaves are thrown up to the Alps Then why not my hand on your lap Why not my soul in your eyes? The wind changes directions Even the rain gets carried by the waves How about your laugh to lead my passions And change my nights into your days? For love moves blindly Throwing invisible kisses round the earth And since love moves this much Why not move close to my touch? In a world where you and I are perfect strangers I would keep throwing my heart at you Until you blush, until you get mad Enough to say, I do.

She left

   She   left        her   fingerprints   on   places      I  never     knew   existed.

She walks with butterflies

She walks with butterflies All around her body, And light shines upon her skin from head to toe. It must be her, Her serpentine beauty that beguiles my eyes. O, love, it is as if roses were made from her lips. See how, when she laughs, the sweetest petals bepaint her cheeks. And as this fine maiden passes by, A flower blooms wherever she treads her feet. Tell me, how does she do it? How does she make the Moon hang by the glow on her face? How does she teach the stars to twinkle in the night? Even her skin reflects a thousand moonbeams While her eyes move the Sun to rise, and burn bright O, how, love? How does she capture light with her own light? That in her absence or as when she frowns, The universe would turn afoul That all heavens, whether day or night, Would weep the saddest woe To unbridle her from such gloomy plight. Yet the more I cannot tell The thoughts that court her mind, But they must be sweeter than

She is an ocean

a love affair between the ocean and a stone… S he is an ocean; and i am a stone tossed into her depths ~ a restless heart, carried by her waves ~ only for me to embrace her erratic tides; for i am a stone; and stones need water so we can move ~ so we can realize that there is life ~ and that we exist. but unlike other stones, i fell in love with an ocean whose drops of crystalline eyes have jailed my heart ~ deep, elegant, serene ~ and can soon cast me to some deserted shore ~ only to be abandoned. yet she will always be the finest liquid to my eyes ~ pure, blameless ~ because i am only a stone; and she is an ocean with all the right to break a stone.

When Love Meets...

To J I The ocean knows the whispers of the wind With waves that breathe countless years of man’s time Such that knows a friend and a ravage fiend So too lives this writ with all heartfelt rhyme And this shall touch beyond a thousand seas From love, to hate, to love ~ hate-love ~ then show In dark’s lament figure shall light not miss Let examine love’s issue with a foe Herein so lives Jez in his tutored youth And stands like the sun with its blazing looks With gentleness that can tenderly soothe And mind that knows a hundred-thousand books There goes ~ he breathes day’s life again anew Of a loving heart, so comes he and true II Far ~ but not too distant ~ lies one ~ too good Blessed with angel’s face and crystalline eyes There she sleeps in heaven’s ecstasy mood With gifted memory and hue too nice Love’s meeting she knows not but stays in void By her does come in dim complexion shows Think ~ could such be good or leave her annoyed? Be sought longer – or not ~ is death – truth