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When Love Meets...

To J


The ocean knows the whispers of the wind
With waves that breathe countless years of man’s time
Such that knows a friend and a ravage fiend
So too lives this writ with all heartfelt rhyme
And this shall touch beyond a thousand seas
From love, to hate, to love ~ hate-love ~ then show
In dark’s lament figure shall light not miss
Let examine love’s issue with a foe
Herein so lives Jez in his tutored youth
And stands like the sun with its blazing looks
With gentleness that can tenderly soothe
And mind that knows a hundred-thousand books
There goes ~ he breathes day’s life again anew
Of a loving heart, so comes he and true


Far ~ but not too distant ~ lies one ~ too good
Blessed with angel’s face and crystalline eyes
There she sleeps in heaven’s ecstasy mood
With gifted memory and hue too nice
Love’s meeting she knows not but stays in void
By her does come in dim complexion shows
Think ~ could such be good or leave her annoyed?
Be sought longer – or not ~ is death – truth knows
But then, the universe, conspires in light
A meeting of angels and lovers’ dream
As Jez treads the world ~ comes Jayme to sight
Under the moonlight that shines well too dim
He wonders of what beauty there does lie
For if he so blinks, he’d better just die


Time vanished as he watches his Love sleep
Beauty of all beauties, by her, kneels down
A hundred youth times Beauty’s self ~ too deep
The churlish clothe, on her, makes purest gown
She opens her eyes ~ too gentle a way
He hides his face but has been struck by light
Oh, she sees, she knows, too well deep to say
Of all perfect moments sing here too right
For two pounding hearts meeting in one beat
Hand in hand dancing love’s melodious voice
By love, in love, for love – the two let meet
With gentle tune, vanishes earthly noise
If hearts of twain become true one right now
Let quickened love, with all respect – then bow


Struck by beauty, kissed by light – both take smiles
Grand heaven, a shining knight now stands true
He will tread may it be a million miles
Just so to catch a glimpse-sight of her view
But not alone he for in here to joy
For she, doom’s veil now shrouded out ~ now be
Oh, too glad like a kid with his new toy
Time stops and breathes beyond an aged tree
With high wings they speak tunes to paradise
Happy-sweet are they breathing out of time
But how to stop when one moment too nice?
Too well they sing than my own dancing rhyme
But envious night comes – mugs him home to sleep
He moves with no heart ~ left all to her keep


For days and more, this love-wheel turns and turns
Lives love the more – and more – to love again
Much she resists ~ but falls – much more, she burns
Still, she lives – even spells her name to J-me
Sweet, oh, sweet, he still looks ~ and now does she
Far too much, great-sweet love ~ she smiles – They kiss
Too great a paradise the angels see
Two blessed lips in love without amiss
Much that heaven upon the sight could fall
These lips that make love ~ kiss too with their hearts
Oh, cupid hearts that kiss ~ love ~ love ~ and all
And shines more beauty than a billion arts
Herein so lives the truth’s right confession
As he, and she, in love ~ burn with passion


Still, love’s wheel turns but now moves a blind part
They do love but now a challenge wonders
He loves more ~ or does she? Oh, let this start!
But grab the heart and grasp too the powers
She loves ~ he does more ~ does she ~ ‘again’ cures
Oh, what measure should love be measured be?
Again, love here ~ more ~ more ~ oh, vain measures!
Now she hates for he loves more – so does he
Divine love, why so? Beyond measure knows
With another touch do they realize
Oh, love, too fresh ~ sweet like a tender rose
Jez ~ Jayme – the more they love – sweet too nice
He kisses ~ she doubles ~ they love – the best
Love beyond words ~ oh, keeps my hand no rest


He speaks:

Love I knew not from threshold years ~ my life
Now, immersed in this high-heaven embrace,
I’ve known the scent, the sight, the touch ~ my wife
Oh, grace, love’s breath so lies upon your face!
If I so blink then death shall breathe on me
Not to see you is failure to my heart
Your soft voice is what sweet melodies be
Dazzling, singing, of tender hearts’ own art
You by day ~ heaven-memories by night
Tell me to breathe elsewhere – death shall it make
Deep than words ~ oh, words sinking out of sight
My Heart – oh, Love, for you shall not forsake
Jayme, Jayme, Dear Love, I am too true
Purest Love I am ~ and give I to you


She speaks:

Much for ears – but happy beats for my heart
Much for words – towards my sweet lips but kisses
You, Jez, oh, too dear, my heart’s only part
Out from your touch ~ shall I joy in sadness
Without you, if so lives I, then I cry
Jesus nailed in love ~ shall I be in death
Without you, never can I live but die
Thinking Love, dreaming of Love ~ out of breath
Oh, dear Love I am – but you – way too sweet!
Sweet beyond to no compare ~ dear, you are
Hearts of love ~ love of hearts – by you, can meet
Dear Love is you ~ need I not to look far
Let so my heart to beat for countless days
And love you more ~ more ~ in eternal ways


Love speaks:

When Love meets – gracious truth – Love falls in love
Higher than the sky, greater than heaven
Enamoring in all beauty above
Nude of Heaven ~ bold than what are written
Let so I beat of love even more true
Over words, beyond thoughts, or any ~ all
Vibrant in all yet found only by few
Embrace me, oh, dear – such is sacred call
My heart, my soul, my mind, my all ~ are yours
Expire the fears, troubles, doubts, and all hate
Entwine to one ~ love alone ~ breathes our course
Twinkle like the stars ~ and more ~ you, my fate
So when Love meets, will all these fly too true?
Love, I love you, I love you, I love you.