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Poets and fools

Poets and fools like me will continue to write about your beauty and always fall short... Because beauty requires a perfect balance of light, mixed in with intricate shades of darkness It is a sensitive art that pours from your eyes like a river Perhaps, beauty is not meant for everyone for it is as elusive as love Yet everything your hands touch and all that you gaze upon: the mountain and its rocks, the night and its stars, even caves full of shadows – You awaken their hearts For hearts do not fall for you They rise... they laugh they sing, they dance, and go to war to dream, and love... I know a woman who carefully hands her heart out for riches And another who throws it away for free This is not beautiful. This is a mistake. But, throw me a quick glance, or something, anything – a smile, a kiss, a punch, a stone, or a flower – and I will sing you ten thousand love poems to the Moon to cradle you while you sleep in the heart of a star.


Death is a beautiful woman with long, blonde hair and green, timeless eyes One day, she will sit beside you, smile coyly, and kiss you on the cheek She loves you and will save you from Life Therefore, live... Live with meaning and dignity Do not follow the mainstream crap Instead, yearn for things that have a soul And be mad enough to follow your heart For you were not made to be tame You belong to the wild among the brightest stars and the biggest flowers You bloom, you shine in a crowd of angels... So that when Death finally comes, you can greet her like a long-lost friend, smile back at her, and laugh as you tell stories of how you lived and died a thousand times so you could kiss her on the lips Because Death was once in love with Life until you came.