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is a beautiful woman
with long, blonde hair
and green, timeless eyes
One day, she will sit
beside you, smile coyly,
and kiss you on the cheek
She loves you
and will save you
from Life

Therefore, live...
Live with meaning and dignity
Do not follow the mainstream crap
Instead, yearn for things that have a soul
And be mad enough to follow your heart

For you were not made
to be tame
You belong
to the wild
among the brightest
and the biggest

You bloom, you shine
in a crowd
of angels...

So that when Death
finally comes,
you can greet her
like a long-lost friend,
smile back at her,
and laugh
as you tell
of how you lived and died
a thousand times
so you could kiss her
on the lips

Because Death
was once in love
with Life
you came.