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Note: I do not own the following videos. I am only sharing them.

Father Lazarus - Father Lazarus saved my life. He does not know me, but I adore him. My dream is to visit and live with him for some days. He was an atheist until the age of 40.  He now lives in complete solitary in the desert of Egypt as a Christian monk. This is only the first episode. If you like it, please also watch the other episodes.

Fr. Lazarus & Fr. Maximos - Here is another video of Father Lazarus that I found online. In this video, we can listen to his conversation with another monk, Fr. Maximos. Their conversation is very inspiring. It is filled with wisdom and meaningful spirituality.

Fr. Lazarus & Mr. Peter Owen Jones (BBC) - This is another amazing video. This is the video where I first learned about Fr. Lazarus. Simply wonderful.

Mr. Michael (MrCaringuy) - MrCaringuy makes beautiful and touching tribute videos. Most of his tribute videos are for those who committed suicide. Indeed, he is a caring person. His works move me to tears. He has helped me realize just how quickly fleeting life is. Moreover, if you are suffering from suicidal depression, know that you are not alone. There was a time in my life when I clearly understood why some people hang themselves while others jump off bridges. Please, wake up, people, and save humanity.

Fr. Matthew the Poor - Divine reflection and teachings.

C.S. Lewis - Although known for his works of fiction like Narnia, C.S. Lewis also wrote books on Christianity. He was an atheist until he met J.R.R Tolkien, author of The Lord of the Rings, who helped lead him to God. 

The Pilgrim's Progress - A truly beautiful and inspiring movie for Christians and those who are seeking spiritual guidance. Here is the trailer.