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Climbing the Mountain of Your Dream

Pursuing your dream is one of the best things to experience in life. Unfortunately, many people have given up on their dream thinking that they are not good enough for it. They fail to realize that every night, the stars look at them hoping that they will have the courage to take a step towards their dream, and shine.

Know which mountain to climb

You can only climb one mountain at a time. Thus, you should carefully decide on which mountain to devote yourself to. The best mountain to climb is where your passion and enthusiasm lead you. Remember that it isn’t about being on top of the mountain that truly matters, but every step of the journey.

Do your best

Most people don’t do their best because they are afraid that their best might not be enough. Do not be like them. Reaching your dream is not about impressing other people. It is about fully knowing yourself including your strengths and weaknesses. Like an arrow released from a bow, put all your energy and strength on the journey. Do not be afraid to do your best.

Do not be afraid to fail

Stay courageous. As you climb your mountain, there will be times when you will feel like giving up, as if the mountain is too big for you. When this happens, pray and remember that God will not give you a challenge you cannot overcome. Do not be afraid to fail because every failure takes you closer to success. Every failure will teach you a better way to climb the mountain. Failing and falling (many times) are often a part of the road to success.

Be open

You’ll meet people along the journey. Some of them are also like you, desiring to reach the top of the same mountain, while others might have already reached the top and are already on their way back. Be open and make friends and enemies. Your friends will give you additional strength and motivation, and your enemies are the good teachers who will reveal to you your weaknesses that you need to overcome to succeed on your journey. Love your friends and your enemies. Learn from them and share your own experiences with them. If you can, help them, too. Remember that some strangers are angels in disguise who could give you the wings to reach the top.

Enjoy and relax

Enjoy the climb. Stop and enjoy the view around you. Get lost and get drunk with a stranger. Dance and laugh in the wilderness. And most importantly, have faith. Every relaxing and enjoyable moment shall be considered as a blessing from God. Remember: Happiness heals the body and the soul. And you need to be happy to finish your journey.

Rest and reflect

Taking a rest is an important part of the journey. It is also the time when you can reflect about life. Let your body recover from the day’s trek, knowing that tomorrow is another day of a thousand steps.

Have faith

It is normal and okay to doubt yourself from time to time, but do not stay in that state of mind for too long. When people say that you will not be able to make it, realize that it is just a message from the universe that you need to be stronger. Take some time to watch the stars at night. Notice how they are perfectly set in the sky, and know that there is also a good reason why you are exactly where you are. Have faith. Always.


Remember that God will not give you the passion and desire to climb your mountain for no good reason. Many times, it is God’s way for you to be closer to Him. You are not a mere stranger on a mountain; you are a pilgrim in search of God. Pray.


If you manage to reach the top of the mountain, congratulate yourself and rejoice. Shout full of joy, if you want. You deserve it. Look down and all around you, and see how much your soul has grown. But remain humble, knowing that there are more than a thousand mountains you still haven’t climbed.


Share your failures and success with the world. Share it with your friends, with your neighbors, even with your enemies. Sharing one’s soul is an act of love, and you can be the hope that another stranger needs to continue on his journey.

A message

A wise man once said: “Every man and woman is a star.” There is a reason for you, a place for you. Just as the stars light up the night sky, so can you conjure the light of the whole universe. It is up to you whether to remain as you are now, or rise like the sun. Every moment is sacred, and the powerful play of miracles goes on. So continue to chase your dream, until all the stars evaporate.

Sometimes, all it takes, is a leap of madness.