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Climbing the Mountain of Your Dream

Pursuing your dream is one of the best things to experience in life. Unfortunately, many people have given up on their dream thinking that they are not good enough for it. They fail to realize that every night, the stars look at them hoping that they will have the courage to take a step towards their dream, and shine. Know which mountain to climb You can only climb one mountain at a time. Thus, you should carefully decide on which mountain to devote yourself to. The best mountain to climb is where your passion and enthusiasm lead you. Remember that it isn’t about being on top of the mountain that truly matters, but every step of the journey. Do your best Most people don’t do their best because they are afraid that their best might not be enough. Do not be like them. Reaching your dream is not about impressing other people. It is about fully knowing yourself including your strengths and weaknesses. Like an arrow released from a bow, put all your energy and strength on the journey. Do no