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Your eyes are the eyes of the morning

Your eyes are the eyes of the morning That mark new beginnings with your fresh light. By the window, the birds are chirping; And when you look, all things burn bright.
Did the night bury the Sun in your body? Did the graces of the Earth seep through your skin? All that is left for the birds and me Is to bask in your beauty as if we were made of sin.
Now I know why flowers bloom at your touch: You are a rare creature. In perfection, too much — For you are overflowing — wild, wild dreams of nature.

Mr. Goldfish & Ms. Monkey

Every night, Mr. Goldfish would cross the sea And sing a song to Ms. Monkey.  He would stay on the shore, and she would listen from her tree.  He sang to her only the sweetest songs, and she spoke to him using poetry.  Although they never understood each other, Their romance lasted for a year or three:
When Mr. Goldfish finally decided to marry his Monkey, She missed her Goldfish and swam across the sea.