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Swim, bird, swim

Swim, bird, swim  they said so the bird dived into the sea Swim, bird, swim  they repeated  and it drowned in misery  What's wrong with you, dear bird?  Why can't you do anything right? I want to fly said the bird Then fly in the water they said Is that possible? thought the bird  Swim, bird, swim they insisted So the bird flapped its wings underwater swimming deeper and deeper into the sea Very good they said How are you now? they asked But the bird was cold and quiet Are you still there? they asked and no one answered Swim, bird, swim they whispered Swim, bird, swim.

She is full of earth

She is full of earth    and bright   and solid nothing escapes   her light in her eyes   are dreams,  full  and torrid wild enough   to touch     and   conquer  the stars the wind  asks, where is the  fire? answer: fire  melts  on her  body like the waves that  find  the sea  in her hand and yet  love  is a  mysterious   sacred   journey  a  pure  divine art because  if  you  only look  closely you shall   find    her   in  my   heart. support the author

She looks at pain

She looks at pain and betrayals as if looking at some old friends she knows their insides and outsides her expectations and their actions so, every time, she would shake their hands lift herself up on tiptoes and dance with them they push her to the ground but she twirls bending gracefully they eat her soul but she dances with a lingering smile sometimes she laughs only to hide the sound of tears leaving her eyes she knows their insides and outsides and she laughs at them and herself because after all the music and the laughter she looks at the moon and realizes: the world did not make her strong it made her numb.