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You made love

You made love
to my soul
with a quick glance
of your star-bright eyes
We shared a lifetime
in one
fleeting moment
One moment
and everything
I knew 
to exist.

The flowers are wild with your flavor

The flowers are wild with your flavor
The moon craves for your touch
The earth rotates in your favor
But can the heart love as much?

Time is a slave to your beauty
Yet it's the soul the eyes do not see
You are a wild dream and your lips are such
But can the heart love as much?

For you are more than earth, water, and fire
More than the wind of kisses that move me with desire
How vain this world must be for you, sweet maiden
That you shall pass by its thorns and kisses over again

Yet all love is true for as long as you live
As every beat and beauty of a rhyme
Shall speak of you ever more
To-morrow and eternal time.

I am tired

'I am tired
of being evil,'
Satan prayed with a sigh
God closed his eyes
and whispered,
"so am I."

There is nothing left in the stars

There is nothing left in the stars
but the gripping thoughts that once poured like a river
from the darkness of your eyes
like a blanket of dreams, caressing my soul

Words fell from your eyes waiting to be spoken
but broke as soon as they touched the ground

But listen...

My tears are on your skin
The red moon is in my mouth
as all my words come to a close
on your lips.

He played the wrong game

He played
the wrong game
and they expected him
to make
the right moves.

True warrior

Regardless of the reason
a true warrior
will never drop
his sword
to clean the blade
of another warrior
not because he does not like
the other warrior
but because of honor
and because he respects
the other warrior so much
and therefore he has to meet him
also with a sword.