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The birds in the wild woods sing

The birds in the wild woods sing
of the unearthly beauty that you bring
I ask, "What beauty does this woman hold?"
They answer, "It's more than all the sky and gold"

They say that you can talk with flowers
then they lead me to a garden of fire
I see you dancing with earth's great lovers
while I make friends with Sadness and Desire

Indeed, you are most pure
majestic and heavenly in all your ways
so now I'm unsure
for my eyes are too dim to behold your face

This hits me like a heavy lance
that my dream of dreams can't come true
until you return my gaze with a sudden glance
and your eyes speak, "I love you."

Sitting by the bonfire

Sitting by the bonfire, the stars fell upon us
We were young enough to hold its light with our dreams
But then we grew, and outgrew ourselves
Now only the stars remember the dreams we left

And yet a fire still burns
the fire we carry in our hearts, forever burning
reminding us to sit and watch the stars
and be like the bonfire that burns, ever-still
full of dreams of a child, alive
with a Soul.