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a drop of water

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a drop of water once spoke of a river a river endless as time its bright waters passionately streaming and waves ebbing a joyful rhyme
you don't know
you don't know how much my fingers bled when i removed the thorns from your heart
you are
you are         a rare creature   a myth        buried    in a secret page      of literature one day   the world will have        to dig in and exhume you     from my heart to see  how your soul spills   from your body              giving light      to the stars
do not move a mountain
do not move a mountain with your faith it is a crime only move me with your love and mountains will swim  across the oceans trees will touch the stars for even a rose could love a

A woman walked into a village

A woman walked into a village
bending on tiptoes, swaying
to a silent rhythm

A woman walked into a village
Yes, that woman in a white dress,
with gold, flowing hair

A woman walked into a village
A little boy watched her smooth and fluid steps
An old lady by the hut saw her liquid motion
The man tending the field was enthralled
by her sweet and tender frame, face divine
For who would not love a woman
with wild eyes, body of fire?

A woman walked into a village
and soon enough, the whole town
was dancing in a frenzy
as if in a hypnotic hold
or was it all just her beauty?

A woman walked into a village
and they all danced without end
for days and days
until a child fell
dead on the floor, and then the old woman,
the man -- everyone danced
to death...

The woman walked into another village
and danced,
and danced.