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the alchemist sat
chewing the philosopher's stone
in his mouth
reclining on his chair
he looked at the sky
and laughed

for while base metals
into gold

so does Man
into God

there is

there is a reason why most people
do not understand poems
somewhere along the way,
they lost their Soul, their humanity
and so their hearts
are simply not ready
for Poetry
hence, there is no wonder
why there are more thorns
than roses
rather, it is a wonder
how roses still bloom
despite the pain

Why do you close

"Why do you close your eyes
when you meditate?"

'Because the world has become so cruel'

"And when you close your eyes
what do you see?"

'I see the world
so I open my eyes again.'

she bleeds

she bleeds poetry
in the dark

a sweet, beautiful heart
shattering, like an echoing kiss
from miles, and miles away

sometimes she sees him
because she is in his eyes
and in every book of life
there is always a page where he loves her
half body, whole soul

and every night, as she returns
to the moon with a poem
he returns to her in a dream.