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This is where I am more open to all of my readers. As you may already know, I was into the magical arts for a long time. I also fell into depression and got into very dark moments in life -- and then Jesus saved me. I now strongly encourage my readers to give Christ a chance. 

I have to admit, I am not into religion at all. In fact, my spiritual approach to Christianity is quite eclectic and mystical. It is based on love and trust, which includes a personal and meaningful relationship with the Divine. 

The man who helped me was Father Lazarus. He was an atheist until the age of 40. He now lives in complete solitary in the desert of Egypt as a Christian monk. You may know more about him HERE.

I now serve the Divine Master and Lord Jesus Christ. I have various views on Christianity, but my way of following Christ is a way of celebration. I am, of course, also aware of the cross, and I also struggle to carry my cross daily. 

I feel like my relationship with Him is growing beautifully. Of course, I still fall every now and then, but I am sincerely doing my best to serve and follow Him. 

I will update this page soon. If you also want to explore the teachings of Christ and get to know Him, feel free to connect with me, and we can be friends (pure, innocent, and child-like friendship) as we journey the spiritual adventure.