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People: You are a sinner… You are a sinner… You are a sinner…
Christ: I do not condemn you. Go and sin no more. (John 8:1-11)
It is amazing how quickly and easily Christ dismisses the issue of sin.
Instead of always reminding ourselves that we are a sinner,
let us take a positive approach: Jesus is my Savior, Lord, and Master,
and I follow Him.

Not everything you ask
will be given;
Not all who seek
find —
But for those who dare,
the Door is always open.

The Prosecution and the Defense
should work together, not against each other;
otherwise, there will be chaos
and injustice in the world.
(It is wrong to play with human lives,
if you only care about winning,
play chess.)

Catch an Angel

I have always been fascinated with angels. When I was a child, I had a master plan to catch an angel, but I was too young to actually do it. This morning, I finally had the courage to catch my first angel. 

I attached a balloon to a very long thread, which I tied to a metal bar on the balcony. I then let the balloon fly, and I watched as it slowly disappeared into the sky. 

At night, I spent hours pulling back the thread. To my surprise, there was no angel, and no balloon. 

I live in a place
where the moonlight
touches your eyes —
a soft and tender place —
with my hand reaching out
to forever
for yours.

I am nothing;
God is everything. 

Her beauty does not blind me,
for nothing so pure is meant
to escape the eyes. 
It is all I see;
She is all I see. 

If there is anything that fairy tales are trying to teach us, it is that love is real — and that love is the most powerful magic in the world.
Let us stay strong, my friend. Do not allow yourself to suffer because of the evils and mistakes of others. There is one important thing that we can do: Let go. Many times, we become disappointed and frustrated because we try to control things -- things that are actually beyond our reach. The modern world wants us to believe that we are in control, but the truth is that we are not in control -- God is. In fact, although most of us are taught that money is very important so we could possess things, the truth is that we never really own anything. It is all an illusion of the world to separate us from the Divine Source. A butterfly does not tell a flower, “I own you.” Instead, the butterfly halts its flight to kiss the flower with pure love -- and that is all that matters. 

we can only give
that which we have
i cannot give you hate,
anger, or disgust
they do not exist in my heart

Everything is energy;
Every word possesses energy.
By combining the right words,
You can cast a spell.

Tell the Moon to wither away
and the Sun never to return.
You also -- go home now
and save yourself.

is dead.

Every time I listen 
to my heart,
I hear

1/2021 - I fade into you
You are slowly fading away;
and, in secret,
I fade into you.

I fade into you
like a small piece of cloud
that melts in daylight.
You are the radiant sun
that consumes me,
and I adore you.

I fade into you
because there is no other way.
As every wave returns to the shore
and every fire reaches up to the sun,
so do I return to you.

I fade into you
For all my stars desire your love, pleading
that you would also fade into me
because I always fade into you.

You are a perfect piece
of poetry
Angels like you
don't need
to write.

The nakedness of you
is worth more
than all the clothes
you could ever wear.

12/14/2020 - Evening Coffee
My body and eyes
are heavy and tired
But my mind feels like
it can solve
all the problems
in the world.

All the wild ways 
she sins
are the only things
that make her