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The night is cold and bleak is composed of verses
that explore the mysteries of
love, shattered humanity, life, and 
a fling 
with Death.

Espiritus (and other poems) is a chapbook of poems 
from the Otherworld
the Neverland  
to the Moon 
and Stars.

One Day is a narrative poem that tells the story of the demon, Argon, who is saved from death by Stella, an angel of God. Together, they explore the mysteries of life and death amidst the chaos between their kingdoms. Should one persist in his duties or yield to a stronger passion? Is sin real? One Day is a spiritual journey of being alive. It is a prayer and a confession of faith, with a hope that tomorrow is full of miracles.

Heartdrop is a chapbook of poems offered to the Beloved.

To the Moon is a chapbook of poems thrown at the Moon ~ and back. Again and again, unconditionally.

Khaty: I love you is a poem composed of 40 stanzas. Sometimes, we feel too much love within us that there is nothing we can do but very quickly write a poem to the eternal muse; otherwise, we would burn. Khaty is one of such poems. It is a poem that the author felt compelled to write, as inspired by his muse, and for his muse – Khaty.

Dear You, is a chapbook of love poems that explores the alchemy of love through its various manifestations. It contains different visions of love that unravel the deep mysteries of the heart by delving into the passions of the soul and the flesh. Dear You, is a book of love, beauty, tragedy, and romance – a book, with a heart, turned inside out.