Khaty is a poem composed of 40 stanzas. Sometimes, we feel too much love within us that there is nothing we can do but very quickly write a poem to the eternal muse; otherwise, we would burn. Khaty is one of such poems. It is a poem that the author felt compelled to write, as inspired by his muse, and for his muse – Khaty.


I love you
With more reasons than my heart can hold
With a love far reaching deep within
Even if the fires of life turn dark and cold
Even if I sweat blood upon my skin
For heat rain earth and wind
Leads me to you


I love you
And in our love house
With many rooms
I carried you from couch to couch
We painted rainbows on our skin
As you planted a heavy kiss on my mouth
And now each breath enters and leaves my body
Tainted with the flower from your lips
That red flower
Reminding me
To be kissed again