Heartdrop is a chapbook of poems offered to the Beloved.


Between her eyes and the palpitating moon
is my firmament of desire
I watch poems hanging on pink branches, like wind chimes
resounding her beauty
to the naked earth - half truth, half fantasy

Yet everything meets in her gaze:
flowers open their petals to the sun
and the oceans evaporate back into the sky
A strange type of alchemy where everything
finds anything, everything except my throbbing heart

Looking out at the horizon
in the sweltering heat of the desert where I stand
I hear the chimes like a soprano of stars, and the wind
further affirming her reality, and further
evaporating myself
into fantasy — that I leap to faith, biting
the edge of the moon
Until her waters extinguish
my fire.

I visited my friend who is a scientist

I visited my friend who is a scientist
He was so busy in the laboratory:

'What are you doing?' I asked

"I am picking up the remaining pieces
from my last experiment" he answered

I watched, curious and steady
'They are like shards of glass, 
but soft and bleeding' I said

"Yes, it is my heart" he replied

'And what did you discover?' 

"That nothing in the world
is heavier
than a broken heart..."

I did not know what to say
so I just watched him gather
the pieces of his heart in his hands 

"But," he explained, "you should not allow
the mistakes of others
to take away your crown and kindness
otherwise, you will become just like them
So continue to write your own fairytale
because it is as real as the sun, moon
and stars 

"It is just that, sometimes, 
your heart needs to be broken
to let love in."