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Farewell, Poetry No good can come to a poet People have lost their humanity
She is full of earth
She is full of earth     and bright   and solid
nothing escapes   her light
in her eyes   are dreams,   full    and torrid
wild enough     to touch  and    conquer
 the stars

the wind   asks, where is    the fire?
answer: fire    melts  on her    body
like the waves that   find   the sea
in her hand

and yet   love    is a  mysterious
  sacred   journey
a   pure    divine art

because  if   you   only look   closely
you shall   find    her
  in  my   heart.

You are not of this world

You are not of this world
and yet your beauty fills it
In your quiet space,
you whisper words
that define my existence
You may not know about it
but I know well about it
and it is enough
for all my stars to shine
This is how I search for your meaning
And although I have not seen your face
I know why birds sigh in the morning.

Prince Timotheus and the Witch

This is a short tale about finding the meaning of life:
“There is a space between the stars just as there is a space between your fingers,” Brother Bear said. “It is the same space that separates us from realizing the meaning of life.”
“What do you mean?” Little Bear asked, licking his paw. “You have to fill this space, and only then can you realize the meaning of life. Journey into the unknown, fight, and be happy,” Brother Bear answered. After a few seconds of silence, Brother Bear recounted the following story— the story of Prince Timotheus and the Witch.