The Little Boy and His Grandpa

"Why do you always watch the news
grandpa?" asked the little boy

'To know what is happening
around us, of course' answered the
old man

"But, they don't care what's happening
to you, grandpa"

'Well, you're right,
but it also feels good since I have
lots of problems'

The boy looked at him questioningly

'See, these people' explained the old man
'they also have problems,
even bigger problems
so I feel that I'm not alone
that I'm even lucky
and I feel comforted'

"O, that is so sad" remarked the little boy

'Sad? But why?' asked the old man

"Because everyone simply watches
everyone else's suffering
and even enjoys it
instead of helping out
No wonder this world
is full of problems, grandpa
just like you"

'Just like me?' grandpa asked

"Yes," the boy answered
"because now I'm watching you
and I see that you are sad
just like them."