Bleed, humanity

The land of green and flowers has lost its beauty and wonder
that children no longer pierce the open sky with laughter
The people, silent and afraid of those in power…

Crushed like insects, a little girl rings 
the church bell one morning, shouting:

"Bleed, humanity, bleed!
Bleed what is right and just!"

Everyone thinks the girl is out of her mind
and ignores her
However, at that time, a little boy asking for alms beside the church 
sees the girl and falls in love with her, thinking:

“You are so broken
that your soul 
spills out of your body
So much so
that I find 
my dreams
in you.”

They see each other eye to eye
and birds sigh in the trees

Together, they walk around town
while holding hands, saying:

“Stop waiting for a shooting star
or a miracle to bloom out of nowhere
for the one you seek is also looking for you
Salvation lies in one another
For the greatest power in the world 
is always made of light, kindness, 
and love
And every man, woman, and child
is a hero 
in disguise.”

Bleed, humanity, bleed