Your tenderness bends

Your tenderness bends
Around my heart
Like a belligerent army invading the deepest fortress
Yet unarmed, without spears or guns
But with eyes set like fortified canons
That bloodshot straight into my soul
Slowly you continue to march in
Slowly you conquer what is already yours

For I am the general of my own legion
Of an army of steel clashing stars
Of an army whose walls surrendered
When you set your foot in the battlefield

And as you sweetly plunder my bases
And as my fire burns with your laughter and your sighs
I bend to you
Only to bend again, always, and forever
Until I break –
Break with blood of flowers
With dreams, shining
Like gems in my hands

And when I break
I shall have more pieces of me
To bend to you again,
Always, and forever

All over again.