You move, then I move

You move, then I move
Like a flowing river swimming into the ocean.
A soul
Lost in the sparkle of your infinite eyes –
Eyes that speak and grab
Straight where my heart lies.

You move, then I move
Like a candle wax melted by your searing look.
Your light:
The impeccable softness of your skin,
That flame – melts me with delight.
That hue which burns the flame,
The you that drives my mind insane.

You move, then I move
From merely falling into being irrevocably in love –
It is my only dream: to fall and fall for you – ceaselessly.
And if only the beauty of dreams were to be measured
By the vastness of the oceans and the seas,
Then all the skies would fall
And drown before my dream.

You move, then I move –
Like the sweetest nectar chased by a hungry bee.
But if I were the flower
And you were the soil –
Ah, love, never a dry day will you see;
For in that little space between your lips,
I will build my home,
And I will lie myself awake
All day and night;
And with my lips, I will gently moisten
Your dull nights into light.

See, to live with you is to have my naked body
Be kissed by butterflies;
Because in that world in which you live,
Is that one world where true love lies.

You move, then I move
From loving, and now,
To blaming you.
For why, even in my sleep,
You move me?
For you I am restless, my love.
You know well so do not ask:
How can this be?
I move whenever you move –
Because it is my heart, love,
That you always carry.