When did you walk

Since time immemorial as the moon
That adorned the pale nights with rubies, sparks and diamonds
Before which everything hangs headlong and swoon
In light, art, and grace
Beauty has always been the same
All its taunting eyes,
All its wishful lips and face
Yet nobody spoke of it but angels
Or the saints and the gods
But when did it ever walk on earth
When did you walk?

I have seen how a wave rends itself
For reaching the shore and not knowing you
Because love is not blind
But only looks where you look
And follows the trail of your steps
Hoping to carry your feet
Light feather, gentle wind, sea breeze
When did love walk on earth?
To answer this is to chase
The thousand mazes of a leaf to its stalk
Oh if only you could tell me
When did you walk?

And as you answer
The air goes cold riddled with music
With a warmth from a candlelight
All questions dissolve
I look, I breathe
And as breath leaves breath
Life leaves life
While I crawl, slowly
Like a child
Into your arms, reaching
For a kiss.