Wet All Over

I walk toward her
Her body touching mine – mine touching hers
With little space, we feel the exchange of each other's breath
I lean slightly forward, press my soft lips against hers
Feeling – as we moisten the other's lips, our tongues being stimulated
My hand, as if having a mind of its own, knowing the way
Brushes down her breast, gently tracing her cleavage
We caress – as my finger tenderly makes random circles
Teasing her nipple
Our tongues locked
Then I go down on her slowly
Gently kissing every inch of her body
Slowly, but ravishingly removing each other's clothes with our teeth
More naked each second
She begins to moan softly
Completely naked – we cover ourselves under the blanket
To isolate love from the cruel world
Locked deeply into each other's eyes
The universe, made of two: She and I
Time ceases to exist
As my tongue explores her body
My tip takes its way – sweetly teases her jewel
I rest my cheek against hers – her heart, beating next to mine
While we whisper hymns of love into each other's ear
Every thrust, every moan, shedding more meaning
As two hearts learning to become one
Our heating bodies, perspiring all over, breathing heavily
She bites her lip, and all the more she moans
''But I can go deeper.''
Reaching lovers' ecstasy, love falls in love
Panting, she smiles softly
'This is love.' she whispers
''That the world can never know.'' I answer.