This is how I sought her

“Seek and you shall find
Knock and the door shall be opened.” –Matthew 7:7, Holy Bible

This is how I sought her
That dream from a thousand light years:

I patiently knocked on a million doors
Creatures appeared, brute, bestial
Thus also a million times
Did I close my own door

And so I prowled the streets of August
Feeling defeated by the night, and murdered by the cold
I saw these little fragments, shining, mysterious
One by one, I put the pieces together
And then — and then
Amidst the haunting darkness and the rough winds
Amidst shattering dreams and bleeding hearts
The fragments lit up, the skies opened as if to swallow humanity
And there — she stood — smiling, her hand filling the gaps
Between my fingers

Suddenly, everything found its meaning
Rocks, metals, colors — everything
Fire finally lifted itself back into the sun
While the rain made its way back into the sea
Because there she was
And now, here she is — Beauty, Innocent, Divine


Poetry made flesh
Her lips, finely shaped in silent verses
While she moves with the rhyme
Of blooming flowers
And her voice, oh her voice carries in itself
The distinct softness of the ever sweet
And if you should know about her soul
Then I should tell you
That it is as the Nile
Vast and infinite — only deeper
Like her eyes

While I, breathless
I look at her
My heart, pounding
Drowning, in the beauty
Of her existence


Is it love then? You ask

Answer: No
Of course not
For love is everywhere, except here
Because everything that the rotten world knows about love
Has not reached this place

Listen: This is something more holy
Too holy
That no skin shall be touched
Too holy
Even for the gods.