Sweet phantom of the night

Sweet phantom of the night 
What matter are you made of? 
You possess me as how fire is possessed by light
How can I move without knowing you? 
How can I stop my breaths from reaching you?

I wander in the curvature of your eyes, throwing pebbles at the moon 
My dark maiden, you fill me with your rays 
Like a basket of roses falling from heaven
Here I count your numberless graces 
While my whole world depends upon your gaze

And because our love dances 
Because our love sways 
Beneath the endless sky 
Our souls wet in the rain 
Of kisses 
Amidst the immense blackness
As the hue in your eye 
My sweet phantom of the night, I always move in your sight 
While you, in mine 
And this, my love, is sweet goodnight.