Solar eclipse

When you stepped into my life 
My heart moved out of orbit 

And rose to the Moon…

I see angels
They are wild in your eyes, painting dreams
While your hands create the stars and stretch the skies
And everyday
I watch how the brightest stars fade before your blinding darkness ---
This is the mystery of your black eyes
Will you also teach me
The mystery
Of the flesh?

Because in you my whole world wonders
In you is the darkness more blinding than the light, oozing with painful pleasures
And sweet, mad delight
In both love and war
Only your smile dictates the rule:
Maybe a thousand deaths for a kiss?
Because even your blood
Is beautiful

Yet I will always pursue your miracles
With the rush of your voice in my blood
With your laugh engraved on my lips
Because, my darling, you are
My solar eclipse.