She dances through the night

She dances through the night
Bending, swirling, lightness of air
A rain of music everywhere
The folding rays of her arms, in motion
With her legs stepping wide to the stretch of the sky
How can one hide such passion
Her liquid body and my sigh

I watch as her sharp contour shimmers in sweat
Like a petal to be plucked, raw and wet
She glides, bathing in moonlight
Holding a basket of dreams
Full of sweet goodnight

She tiptoes and leaps, small feet of fire, stepping on constellations
Then the light of the universe enters her pores, bringing mystic revelations
And while her soul talks with the Moon, somewhere far away
“Beautiful One, beautiful One” I say
Because she swings
Because she moves

Because she flies

While she dances through the night
While she dances on the floor of my eyes.