My Beloved

I breathe
The words of my Beloved 
They encircle me, round and round 
And I inhale them, down
To the densest formation of atoms
In my body

I dance 
In the verse of my Beloved 
From her flowing rhythm, I bend 
And pluck immortality 
Because my Beloved writes for me 
She writes on my soul

I wander 
In the writings of my Beloved 
Like some myth
On a secret page of literature 
Kept sacred by the gods 
Born from her lips, and caressed 
By her hands

I sing 
Every line penned by my Beloved 
Like perfect constellations 
Set in the sky 
How sweetly she pens
Her letters to me: 
They carry the glow 
Of infinite moons

And I write 
Because she exists 
I write 
Because of my Beloved.