Mirrors have their own magic
As everyday they cut themselves
Into your reflection
Such is the life of all mirrors:
Every day, they measure you from head to toe
Every day, they try to shape your beauty
Every night, they dream the impossible dream
And soon they break, just as how hearts are torn
Because true beauty cannot be contained in a mirror
Simply because true beauty is not made of reflections
But do not be sad, Dear One
Because you are the joy of mirrors
And to break for the love of you
Is the dream of all mirrors

Sometimes, I wish I were a mirror
So I could show you such love
But my poor soul has nothing to do with mirrors
I cannot reflect light, neither am I
A gleam in your eye
But I know how to break a soul, and be like all broken mirrors
For I am already broken

My Saint, I have loved you
Even before I learned to notice the curves of a woman's body
I have loved you in the pages of my diary, even before I learned how to write
And I will always love you, I will always love you
Even if your gentle lips tell my heart
To stop beating

My Joy, each time you look in the mirror
Know that you alone have the pieces of my soul
All in love with you, happy, blessed
Ready to be broken again

Truly, mirrors have nothing to do with my love
Because I am not made of glass
And because I have loved you long before
Any mirror did.