There was a green elf
playing his pipe
sitting in a tree
When beautiful Mathilde
walked towards me
And then Mathilde, o sweet Mathilde, kissed me

A rose bloomed up to her knee
so I plucked it out
and gave it to her
and Mathilde loved me

The next day was as young as dawn
when I woke with Mathilde
lying next to me
I waited for inches and hours
for her to open her eyes
so I could kiss them and kiss them
Home of my soul, envy of the stars
But Mathilde did not wake that day
nor the next

So I went to the tree
where she first kissed me
And I asked the green elf
I said, "Mr. Elf, what should I do?
My Mathilde does not wake to me"
"O, that is easy" Mr. Elf answered
"Just kiss her on the lips
But if it does not work
come back to me"

I rushed to my Mathilde
and hurried like wind to kiss her on the lips
I blushed upon seeing her, thinking
"What beauty, what art"
And then I kissed her, slowly
passionately, wearing my heart on my lips
And then I yelled and cried
For her lips were cold and her body was ice

So I rushed back to the green elf
and said, "Mr. Elf, my Mathilde is dead!"
"That is impossible!" exclaimed the green elf
"I saw her just now"
"Where?" I asked 
"Over there" he answered, pointing his finger to a cliff
"She jumped. And, if you love her, she said that you would follow her"
So I ran to the cliff and looked down
about a thousand meters from the ocean ground
I felt the cold ghostly wind on my face, my skin
"Mathilde, o sweet Mathilde, do I love you?"
And to see her by any chance of luck
I felt the deep blue water
hard as rock.