Love is…

Love is… 
A spark of infinity; 
It grows and withers, 
Only to rejuvenate again 
To embrace the whole of your universe. 

It is the truest faith, 
And a prayer 
Which the Almighty is begging to hear ~ 

For love is faithful; 
And faith, sometimes, must open its eyes 
And learn to trust in love ~ 
Love with burning lips and daring tongues, 

Blessed with desire, fire, and ice, 
Wrapped with arms and legs, 
Wet fingers as our rosary, 
Realizing the secret of creation: 
Lips are made for lips, 
Skin for skin, 
Sweat for sweat, 
Amidst heavy breathings, and moans of purest adoration ~ 
Incinerating heaven, earth, and hell; 
For love can be blasphemed in sacredness, 
And be embraced with holiness, at the same time. 
There is no sin in love; and falling in love is, the gods, dreaming. 

It is through this sacrament that I open you, petal by petal, 
To explore the hidden worlds 
Where beauty is infinite; 
While you discover for yourself the sun and moon, the sea and stars, trapped 
In the wildfires of your body. 

Because love is a holy pilgrimage 
To some unknown mystery. 
Its secret lies behind the sunset ~ 

Or ask the butterflies. 
Even once in a lifetime, 
We have to kiss our faith and trust the silent gods ~ 
And make Love 
Fall in love.