Locked up in Eden

Locked up in Eden
There was nothing unusual about serpents that could talk 
Or ants that sing and dance 
Nothing strange about birds flying from afar, enjoying the mountains and the seas 
While I was busy watering the plants, or counting shooting stars

I am the first of my specie, perhaps with the most mistakes in the making 
But God is a God of love and alchemy 
That from my base imperfections, he took the smoothest bone 
He could find, and carved it into perfection 
And there, my love, my life --- you rose 
As the most beautiful of creation:

You stood, more naked than the mountains 
With curvatures, tightly cut 
Your body rubbed against mine 
And I tasted your sweat that carries the saltiness of the sea 
Your eyes taught me why shooting stars keep falling 
I knew right there and then: You are my soul, you are my soul

I was wrong God 
never wanted to cage me in a garden 
He simply knew from the beginning 
That happiness is meant to be shared 
And this is the only way to be truly happy 
Perhaps this is also the reason why He created everything 
And as sewn into the fabric of truth:
The whole universe is happy 
Everything is sacred 
But only true love
Can hold sin 
Without fear

Then your words echoed in my ear: 
"Anything that comes from the soul is pure 
Because everything from the soul is divine." 
With this, we held sin like an apple in our hands 
And with a bite, and with a smile 
The sweetest sin was born

And this be the sin 
That freed our souls, that were locked up 
In Eden.