Where does laughter go
When it leaves the mouth?
How do you
Take it back?

Last night, I was at the mental hospital
Writing poems for you on the walls
Doctor said 'You are crazy!'
He was funny, so I laughed
Right there and then, he told everyone I can go

Because I laugh like mads among the stars
Although my own laugh pains my ears
But still I laugh endlessly
Butterflies, pixie dusts, falling on my lips
Erratic heart, skipping beats
While my soul
To the blues, with the wind
And the music
Of the Moon
This is the mystery
Of insanity

Because pure laughter is the sound of love
Once it leaves the mouth
I cannot pull it back
It is a one-way ticket to your ears
And so I laugh
I laugh so beautifully
Only because you laugh
You laugh with me.