In search of Beauty

I journey deep into the forest
Always careful
with every step
at every turning point
I mark my existence

But every wilderness
is not only made of trees
It is made of soil and dust, insects, serpents
birds, hallucinations and dreams

Because it is beaming with life
The forest is alive

So I let loose my soul in the wind
I take my eyes out
and crush them with a rock

Now the forest knows that I am no enemy
of its flowers
Because I am one with the Earth

I continue to take a strange path
without looking back
for there is nothing left to see
So I start to gamble with life
believing that tomorrow is full of miracles

Come heat, cold, fire, and darkness
There is no surrender

I learn to speak the language of the forest
I save a snake from dying
I learn to talk with the stars
And the forest keeps me alive

Suddenly, I am no stranger to the forest

The forest has become my teacher
It has taught me
to open my soul to faith
to open my heart to love

With faith, I follow my steps blindly
and find your feet

You are also lost in the wilderness
but you are floating in my eyes
Stripped naked
with the continuing purity
of a white lily

You are every leaf, flower, stone
You are my every step and prayer
You are the forest
in all its beauty

(Because the true beauty of any forest
only reveals itself
when one is lost)

We dance in the wilderness
I kiss you in the wilderness
I live in your wilderness.