Beside the bonfire

Beside the bonfire late one night,
You stood in beauty,
In front of me.
I watched you smiling treacherously
As the night sheered in provocation.

Your sticky body, perspiring,
Like a rose drenched in sweetest dew,
Casting nebulas of silent prayers,
With the night sky embracing me and you.

I heard the cracking of the fire,
Almost like your voice,
Commanding my desire.
Your fleshly scent of fresh mulberries pervaded the air
And invaded, invaded my everywhere.

You held my hand and we danced
Bare-skinned without shame,
With the silence of the breeze
And luring sway of the flame.

The wildfires of my body erupted like a volcano
As my shadow melded
With your shadow.

You then parted the sky
And caused everything to rain,
And everything rained.

The stars watched with open eyes,
Their water and our sweat,

While we danced, nude and wet,
With sultry passion and open sweetness
In the garden of mad kisses.