Adam & Eve

I still find it hard to believe
That God, ever so loving,
Severely punished
Adam and Eve...

No, it was not a punishment –
It was a gift! It had to be.
God had known the very danger of the Tree
Even before He planted it.
It was His way to free His most beloved creature,
And so, a Fruit for them to eat.

For all their life they had lived in a garden –
Just a garden,
Not even a forest.

Thus, when the lovers took their bite
Of that Fruit of Knowledge,
Mankind received the gift of Knowledge;
And God freed them.
(Like a baby removed from the crib)

God freed them so they will not be jailed in a garden.
It was God’s surprise to man’s eyes:
Adam and Eve saw the vast oceans and deserts;
They made love by the shore while touched by the gentle waves;
They climbed mountains together,
And discovered many places they had never known;

For God is a God of love;
That He made Eve,
So Adam could please her as his wife;
And together,
They lived a holy life
(Because they loved each other);
And God never hated them,
But loved them for one day
And forever.