A thousand suns embrace her body

A thousand suns embrace her body;
And all the stars lie beneath her feet.
I know a man could wish upon a star;
But I would rather that she picked me
As one of her stars.

A star --- so I could know
A single whim that courts her mind;
And as her shooting star,
I would fall
And answer her with my life.

But I am not a star
Nor bright,
Neither am I
A tear from her eye;

And so I lit my cigarette
And bargained among the stars,
"Her wish for my life."

Orion hesitated, but realized
I would beckon even a thousand hells to myself
Just for her;
And so the heavens accepted
My deal of death ---
Only because I love her purely.

I stayed awake all night
Looking at the stars,
One after the other ---
Hoping that she might also be
Casting her eyes
On the same star.

3 AM and she whispered her desire;
And I am sure
It was Cupid's tears from heaven
That touched my body;
For I never knew until my death ---
She wished for me.